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Real Estate

Hancock Estabrook’s Real Estate Practice serves a wide range of clients including developers, national retailers, nonprofits, foundations, local businesses, banks and financial institutions, municipalities, and investors in all aspects of the purchase, sale, development, financing and leasing of real property. Our real estate attorneys have the experience and resources necessary to guide your transaction to completion, regardless of size or complexity.

Purchases, Development & Financing

Our Real Estate Practice attorneys have the necessary experience and knowledge to lead purchasers and developers of real property through the legal obstacles facing any construction or development project in today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment. Be it negotiating a contract for the purchase or sale of real property; obtaining municipal approvals or permits; negotiating grant agreements, municipal bonds, or other forms of public financing; obtaining a mortgage; or forming a homeowners’ association or condominium, Hancock Estabrook can supply the necessary expertise to move the project forward. Representative matters include:

  • Served as counsel for the owners in the development of several buildings in the heart of downtown Syracuse.
  • Served as counsel for one of the largest commercial banks in New York State on all aspects of commercial, construction and residential secured loan transactions.
  • Served as counsel for an international food retailer in development projects throughout New York State.
  • Served as real estate counsel for a national corporation’s site acquisition and subsequent construction of a 635,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility involving multiple state financial incentives.
  • Served as real estate counsel for a national corporation in the simultaneous acquisition of 26 New York retail sites.
  • Served as real estate counsel for a group of orthodontists relating to the acquisition, financing and renovation of a professional office and medical building.
  • Served as real estate counsel for a not-for-profit educational foundation in connection with the development and construction of a student dormitory.
  • Served as counsel for convenience store and gas station operator in connection with the selection, acquisition and financing of new retail locations.
  • Served as counsel for the owner of environmentally-contaminated properties relating to the successful completion of the New York Brownfield program.

Commercial Leasing

Landlords and tenants face numerous potential pitfalls with any lease agreement. The terms of a lease drafted today will be controlling many years into the future and could have serious consequences on a business or property owner.

Hancock Estabrook’s real estate attorneys understand the importance of addressing all lease issues that could arise in the future. We review and negotiate commercial leases and advise clients with lease-related disputes, including lease terminations and evictions. Representative matters include:

  • Served as counsel for a regional economic development organization in creating industrial parks at Hancock International Airport and Electronics Park, and selling and leasing properties situated within these parks.
  • Served as counsel for a developer of a major medical complex in the acquisition of property and negotiating numerous commercial office leases.

Commercial Foreclosures

Foreclosure under New York law is a complex proceeding with multiple statutory protections for defaulting borrowers, including multiple recently passed laws aimed at curbing residential foreclosure abuses that often also apply to commercial mortgages. In this environment, it is important for a foreclosing lender to have experienced New York counsel representing its interests. Our real estate attorneys regularly handle commercial foreclosures for both private and institutional lenders. Representative matters include:

  • Served as counsel for lenders on multiple commercial foreclosures and workouts involving golf courses, health care facilities, industrial facilities, and office buildings.
  • Served as counsel for a lender in connection with the foreclosure and resale of income-producing apartment buildings.

Title Insurance & Property Litigation

In their capacity as agents and examining counsel for multiple title insurance companies, our attorneys issue title insurance on behalf of owners, lenders, and bondholders. Our experience and long history with multiple title insurance companies allow Hancock Estabrook to resolve many potential problems at the title insurance stage. We also represent clients in property line disputes, title claims, breach of contract suits, and brokerage fee disputes.

Examples of work handled by our attorneys in this area include serving as examining counsel for Stewart Title Insurance Company, Ticor Title Insurance Company and First American Title Insurance Company of New York.

Natural Gas Leasing

We represent property owners in the negotiation of natural gas leases with energy companies, compulsory integration proceedings, and related natural gas development and production matters. For example, we have served as real estate counsel for various large-tract property owners in the negotiation of natural gas leases and related matters.