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Family Business Succession Planning

The attorneys in our Hancock Estabrook Family Business Succession Planning Practice work with all types of closely-held business entities, planning business transitions to family members, business partners and new owners. Our multidisciplinary team of attorneys provides the legal services family-owned businesses need to assure smooth and effective transitions and maintain continued business success.

With concentrations in the corporate, tax, estate planning, employment and litigation practice areas, our Family Business Succession Planning Practice attorneys can address all aspects of your business’s succession goals. While pulling from the breadth of expertise within our own office, we also routinely work with our clients’ professional partners, including accountants, financial planners, bankers and other attorneys, to leverage the collective knowledge for the best outcomes.

Family Business Succession Planning Legal Services:

  • Buy/Sell and Cross Purchase Agreements
  • Entity Formation and Restructuring
  • Coordination with Trust and Estate Planning Objectives
  • Income and Transfer Tax Planning
  • Business Valuation Analysis
  • Financial Tools
  • Dealing with Business Real Estate
  • Labor and Employment Considerations