Nonprofit Law Alert: New York Attorney General Issues Report on Professional Fundraising for Charities

Last month, New York Attorney General Eric. T. Schneiderman released his “Pennies for Charity: Where Your Money Goes; Fundraising by Professional Fundraisers” report, which provides insight into how one-third of monies donated to New York charities in 2015 ended up in the pockets of professional fundraisers. The report concludes that of the nearly $1.1 billion raised through campaigns conducted by professional fundraisers, the charities retained just 65.5% while the professional fundraisers kept 34.5%.

Other findings from the report include:

  • In approximately 20% of the campaigns covered in the report, the charities retained 70% or more of the funds raised, meaning 30% or less went to professional fundraisers.
  • In 54% of the campaigns the charities retained less than half the funds raised.
  • In 17% of the campaigns the fundraising expenses exceeded the revenue, causing the charity to suffer a loss.

The report also offers tips for donors, including guidance for responding to solicitations. The website provides access to the report and serves as a one-stop resource for charitable organizations, fundraisers, grant makers, and members of the public.

You can view the Attorney General report here:


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