NonProfit Law Alert – New York State Announces New Website to Connect Nonprofits to Government

On September 12, 2016, the New York State Division of the Budget launched a new website making it easier for nonprofits to carry out their missions and do business with the New York State government.

The site,, will share information impacting the nonprofit sector and act as a portal to streamline interactions between the state and its nonprofit partners. It is intended to streamline the manner in which nonprofits interact with state government.

It includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to help New Yorkers establish a nonprofit organization, including directions on how to file for tax exemptions and links to the appropriate forms and instructions.
  • Instructions for nonprofits to prequalify for state grants. The Grants Gateway system allows nonprofits to complete many of the required administrative tasks prior to the application process and ensures that the state is partnering with qualified, responsible nonprofit organizations.
  • Information on new state initiatives, such as the $100 million in total funding for the Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program.
  • A news portal, where nonprofits can find the latest updates and guidance on issues of vital importance.


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