Jan 21, 2021

Municipal Bootcamp 2021: Session One – Who am I? How Did I Get Here?

New for 2021 Hancock Estabrook and the MRB Group are rolling out a new FREE annual training program to assist local governments, town officials, and planning and zoning boards.

The program will include 10 hours of remote training designed to provide a comprehensive education that encompasses all aspects of municipal governance. Each program in the series will be provided remotely on the fourth Thursday of each month with subject matter experts from the MRB Group and knowledgeable attorneys from Hancock Estabrook, LLP. Topics will be lively, useful and – potentially as important – qualify for the education requirements.

Thursday, January 21, 2021 – 6:00 pm


The Basics of the Role of the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals in Local Government

So, you have been appointed to the Planning or Zoning Board…what now? What is your role in the development process? What are the do’s and do not’s of project review? How can you start influencing the shape of your community? Our team of planning and legal advisors will walk you through the legal obligations and best practice elements of serving in these critical roles in your hometown.