Feb 25, 2021

Municipal Bootcamp 2021: Session Two: How Does This Whole Thing Work, Anyway?

New for 2021 Hancock Estabrook and the MRB Group are rolling out a new FREE annual training program to assist local governments, town officials, and planning and zoning boards.

The program will include 10 hours of remote training designed to provide a comprehensive education that encompasses all aspects of municipal governance. Each program in the series will be provided remotely on the fourth Thursday of each month with subject matter experts from the MRB Group and knowledgeable attorneys from Hancock Estabrook, LLP. Topics will be lively, useful and – potentially as important – qualify for the education requirements.

Thursday, February 25, 2021 – 6:00 pm


The Art and Science of Running Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals Meetings

I motion this, you second that…what does it all mean? When should the applicant speak? The public? Believe it or not, there is often a rhyme and reason to the way agendas are laid out, and business conducted. We will talk you through the lessons we have learned through years of public meeting management, and some of the legal loopholes you will need to thread to manage development effectively.